• Loud E - Y.O.Y.

Loud E - Y.O.Y.

Ambassadors Reception

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Shuffling, Stomping, Rhythm in full attack -

Loud E steps up on Ambassadors Reception to make some noise on the dancefloor: Three diverse floor-tracks on one disc.

Y.O.Y. opens up with an upfront rhythm, packed with percussion with a hint of Nigerian Highlife coupled with those pronounced NY style disco-infused bass and drums, the female vocal commands the floor with authoritative style and fashion.
The track gets more Yld and Yld as the intensity builds towards the tumbling hornsline and things fall back into place.

Stay on your feet!

On the flip of the disc 'Deli Disco' turns the madness up a notch, syndrums in full effect, looping rhythm guitar and Indian sitar lines keep things fresh and unique until those claps come in, cementing the disco fever.

Last but not least,  perhaps the most percussion based track of the three (and that's a statement!) we have 'Afrika Afrika' ... kicking off loud and clear, things get deeper and deeper into the world of disco dub.... wait for the bassline.



Deli Disco

Afrika Afrika