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Love Injection Fanzine - issue 60

Love Injection Fanzine

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Straight from NYC! The Love Injection Fanzine, issue 60 >>

Participating contributors and artists include Ari Robey-Lawrence, Anthony Nicholson, Ash Lauryn, Barbie Bertisch, DJ Swisha, Gavilán Rayna Russom, Hiromi Kiba, Jitwam, June Canedo, Justin Strauss, Ladin Awad, Lars Probert, Maddy Salvage, Michael Holman, Nathaniel Jay, Nick Boyd, Nina Posner, Robert Hood, Paul Raffaele, Salvatore Carlino, Sanna Almajedi, Selwa Abd, Sienna Fekete, Tottie, Turtle Bugg, Wyatt D. Stevens. Designed by Paul Raffaele.

This issue is dedicated in loving memory to Francis Mirai Nishida.

Issue 60 Features:
- Q&A with Robert Hood by Turtle Bugg, Illustration by Glenford Nunez
- Chosen Family: A Halloquium Conversation feat. Ash Lauryn, Ari Robey-Lawrence and Gavilán Russom (Part I)
- "Carving Out A Space" Why D.I.Y. Compilations Proliferated During The Pandemic by Nina Posner
- Q&A with Anthony Nicholson by Jitwam
- Q&A with DJ Swisha by Nick Boyd, Photos by Chad Hilliard
- "My First Gig At Better Days" by Bruce Forest
- Q&A with Michael Holman by Justin Strauss (Part II)
- The inaugural "Mix Moments" ft Tony Yotzi by DJ Voices
- "Music & Spirituality #5" by Hiromi Kiba
- Q&A with P. Leone by Paul Raffaele
- Love Notes From A Displaced New Yorker by Nathaniel Jay
- "Spaces & Places: Updates" by Love Injection Staff
- "Editor's Letter" by Love Injection Staff

8 x 11” black and white printing, 34 pages.
Edition of 3,000.