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Low Concept - Bugz EP (Alex Coulton Remix)

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Raunchy late nite 'floor jams, backed with killer Alex Coulton Remix -

The third slice of wax on the London / New York based 'White Asega' label comes loaded with two sleazy, sublow club trax from Low Concept on the A, backed with a high-pressure remix by Alex Coulton, who continues to impress ever since his first cuts on Idle Hands and Dnous Ytivil.

The Low Concept cuts come with a sweaty, jackin' US-style sensibility, reminding at times of Egyptian Lover or Berlin minimal techno, with super-tight, hypnotic drum tracks and a no-nonsense dancefloor attitude.

Cut across the full side of the flip, Alex Coulton packs enough bassline to keep the club gaspin' for air, with a well-styled remix that  serves as highly effective dancefloor music, in true UK demeanour.

Packaged in a good-lookin' printed sleeve.
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The Prick

Bugz (Alex Coulton Remix)