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Low End Activist – Game Theory (2x12" SEAGRAVE)


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Ruff & tuff collection of 'ardcore / grime / dancehall / UKG / junglist tracks from Bristol-via-Berlin operator Low End Activist -

Kicking off with a killer Flowdan lyric over hardcore-reminiscent, 2K21 proof step-tekkers, and into the instrumental cut for extra rhythm-guide, and into a killer UKG/Breakstep thing entitled 'Torsion Field Tech' (remember those early Toasty productions? This gives us good vibes like those did) - you can tell Low End Activist means business from the get-go, and he serves that bizniz with a keen ear for detail in the arrangements and the production, and - equally important here -
no shortage of screwface bassbin readyness.

On '19STR8BK' that early 2000's bounce is back for more, with a wickedly stretched bassline vs vocal snip juggle. Fuck, where's that Soundsystem at right now - this would be doing good things (and no doubt will!) at good volume, to a crowd of decent people.
On 'Flip' the shuffle intensifies, as staccato breaks and thumping kick step in the ring, shaolin style, doing martial arts with shadowy vocals and sinister pads - proper eerie junglist teksteppers on this one - stealth moves for real.

Cannibal, next up, goes a few shades darker stretches that darkside ambience into infinity for the intro section, before loading up some properly well-executed breakbeat choppage, on a kind of Source Direct type sorcery, before breaking down into some judgement day Memphis Rap bloodshed for a minute, before going ice cold on us again. Serious stuff.
After that refrigerator excursion, we're loaded up with one last bit of bounce, whipping up another bit of UKG / Search & Destroy wickedness, for waist-wigglers and screw-facers alike.

Big, and wickedly executed re-fresh UK dancefloor and bassbin headspace vibes on this.

Thankfully, this record comes served across two discs, so each cut gets the dynamic on the wax that it deserves -
Time to put those speakers to the test once again.

Mastered by Shawn Joseph @ Optimum Mastering
Handstyle on the vinyl edition by REQ TDK.
Front photo by Yu Siang Teo.
Back photo by Joakim Honkasalo.
Technical itches scratched by FFT and Cocktail Party Effect.

Side A:
Game Theory (feat Flowdan)
Game Theory (instrumental)

Side B:
Torsion Field Tech

Side C:

Side D:
Broken Biscuits

Game Theory (ft. Flowdan)

Torsion Field Tech