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Low End Activist - Get Dark Ft. Razor & John T Gast rmx

Low End Activism

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Tuff as nails drop from Low End Activist with Razor on the mic, backed up with a brace of remixes - get your ears around this one!

"The latest drop from Low End Activist finds him teaming up with East London’s Razor for a blistering, mutant grime throwdown. Razor has been coming up for some time now, and the clue is in his name. Staggering, swaggering, diamond-sharp lines bending and flexing over LEA’s 10-tonne beat. Stepping on from past work with the likes of Filthy Gears and Trooh Hippi, this is as clear a statement of Razor’s skills as you need to hear. His versatility reaches beyond purist grime to become something more malleable – the perfect fit for the grey area of bassbin pressure LEA occupies.

On the B side, the first remix comes from John T. Gast, who dubs ‘Get Dark’ out in superlative fashion. The downcast lead lick interplays with a warm, rounded sub and Razor pings through the echo chamber for a dreamy flip of the original. Oxford-rooted producer Silas brings something more slippery to his version, teasing a weightless lead-in which drops anchor in devastating fashion around a bass that curves time and space. Low End Activism continues to yield rule breaking sonic matter ruder than the rest."

Get Dark Ft. Razor


John T. Gast remix

Silas remix