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Low Income Squad 001

Low Income Squad

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Scuffed and trampled transmissions from the Low Income Squad outta Zagreb.

As the cassette J-card states, these are ‘Trax Made On A Low Income’, no frills machine jams for techno freaks and industrial enthusiasts.

The hand labelled cassette houses 14 original productions from the Croatian massive including TRAG, who opens proceedings with the taught metallics of ‘Sun Dive’ and ‘Paradise Ghetto’ through to the proper boom bap styles of ‘Always’ from cc. A standout track fro us comes courtesy of ‘Bergsonist’ whose track ‘Le Regret d'Héraclite’ has been getting some serious play on the office stereo since it arrived.

Shapeshifting through a myriad of styles, Low Income Squad 001 offers a gang of tracks that you’ll dig if you like the sound of TTT, L.I.E.S and all that scuzzy goodness.

Top trax aside, the tape comes wrapped in killer 8-bit artwork, 2 stickers and a download code.

Limited to 30 copies worldwide.


1. TRAG - sun dive 02:46
2.TRAG - paradise ghetto 02:43
3.cc - always 03:28
4.SZCH - seizure salad 04:54
5. Moní Moní - Elijah Creation (Rough Mix)06:12
6.SZCH - ana (inspiration of japan) 06:26
7. igen - bolland 05:21
8. SAKI - Dawning of a New Era 03:19
9. bergsonist - Le Regret d'Héraclite07:14
10. Strahinja Arbutina - Heritage 03:56
11. TML - Site Absence 06:06
12. Christian Kroupa - What's All About05:12
13.Strahinja Arbutina - Stop and Go 03:48
14. Christian Kroupa - It's him right 05:24

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