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Low Jack - Imaginary Boogie

The Trilogy Tapes

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Abstract six tracker here from France’s Low Jack on underground haven Trilogy Tapes. With impeccable sleeve design from label head Will Bankhead, this is a consummate treat for the eyes and the ears.

Whilst starting off with a pensive melody and scuffed beats it’s not long before “Imaginary Boogie” devolves into squirming synthetics and impenetrable soundscapes sounding like recordings from an extra-terrestrial factory.

Imaginary Boogie is an exceedingly apt name as this EP ignores dancefloor convention and allows the listener to interpret the rhythm how they wish.

As is customary for Trilogy Tapes releases it is hard to say whether this is for the discerning home listener or the intrepid DJ. Whichever category you find yourself in this is essential listening!

Imaginary Boogie

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