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Low Jack - Jingles Du Lieu-Dit

Editions Gravats

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Another heavyweight drop from off-kilter dancehall aficionado and general don Low Jack!

Always a treat to check the latest on the Editions Gravats imprint, and this one, the follow up to 'Riddim Du Lieu-Dit', entitled ‘Jingles Du Lieu-Dit’ does not disappoint -
fans of his previous chop & screw dancehall excursions - that first 12” on the label went in a flash here, and same goes for the Time Cow vs Low Jack linkup tape via Bokeh Versions - will be well up for this, no doubt.
And if you are still to be swayed into the inimitable grooves of the dancehall world, in this case particularly the late 90’s / 00’s styles, this set of edits and originals that hit between experimentalism and danceability, should do the trick.

Personal favourites include the somewhat sci-fi ‘Shell’ and cooly stripped, devastating ‘Find Them’.
‘Wheel’ is also real tough… Perhaps even the best of the lot? hard to say. Each cut is real good in it’s own way to be honest. But the refreshingly sparse and drawn out arrangement of this one give it a real minimalist attitude, which equals to maximalist effect on the dancefloor…. No doubt this one will sound big on a system!

Proper gear!

Side 1
1. "Shell" (1:55)
2. "More Speed" (3:33)
3. "Dinner" (2:50)
Side 2
1. "Brass" (3:57)
2. "Find Them" (2:27)
3. "Wheel" (5:28)

More Speed


Find Them