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Low Jack - Lighthouse


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Unexpected yet very welcome album from the peerless beat architect - Low Jack.

With a number of critically acclaimed EPs and singles already under his belt for the likes of Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes label, L.I.E.S. and In Paradisum, it was a bit of a surprise to see him touch down on the Modern Love imprint.

Kicking off like a well played hip-hop mixtape with the fractured and hissing vignettes of ‘Saab Prelude (Radio)’ which immediately calls to mind the illbient mixtape-come-album from Spectre on Pan last year.

‘Six In The Morning’ is the standout for us, slo-mo house styles working iron clad percussion around a gorgeously wonky keys and chopped and screwed vocals. Indeed, this cut best defines the album, a captivating yet unfamiliar trip through beat constructs - referencing classic boom bap as much as more contemporary patterns in ‘Coquelin Cloarec’ but with total disregard for standards and conventions.

Jagged breaks are paired with euphoric chords for the skewed take on peak time manuvors  - the lead on the B side which references classic Good Looking as much as much as Wots My Code (the whistle playing actually getting a credit on the included insert). Moving through the loping drums and crunchy atmospherics of Solidor Joint through to the contrasting closing track ‘Blinking Lights Sheep’ which returns to the smoked out frame of the intro.

A unique view of beats and breaks as viewed through the skewed and tinted lenses of Low Jack - second to none and an album that we will be listening to long after the inevitable end of year lists that this will be near the top of have been published.

Sleeve art and insert by Will Bankhead.

Six In The Morning

Judo Coaster

Solidor Joint

Blinking Lights Sheep