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Low Jack Vs Time Cow - Glacial Dancehall 2

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>> Fresh issue for 2021 and jeeeeeeze it's sounding better than ever! One of our Bokeh faves both sonically and visually, in print again and ready to beat out your tape deck...<<

It's a great moment when a collaboration you'd never have imagined comes along. Bokeh Versions presents us with Glacial Dancehall 2, a joint effort between Paris-based Low Jack (of L.I.E.S and Modern Love fame) and Time Cow, the left brain of dancehall duo Equiknoxx who put out their incredible debut album Bird Sound Power on the DDS imprint last year.

If the sound of that alone isn't good enough to work up your appetite, feast your ears on the clips below. Low Jack occupies the A side, blurring the lines between remix, mixtape and live workout. Rough and ready transitions, bursts of delay and warm reverbs unify the scattershot excursions which span dancehall, steppers and all manner of twisted, dubbed out beat excursions. There's an underlying weirdness - or perhaps more of an uncanniness - to the sonic character of these productions, the sound of someone completely in touch with the constituent elements they're working with and deftly able to subvert the musical expectations without sinking into far flung experimentalism.

It doesn't hurt that both sides are produced absolutely impeccably - slabs of bass pulse on a dancehall step shake through every track, cementing the heady atmospheric witchcraft that sits above it.

Time Cow responds to Low Jack's incredible effort on the A side in suitable fashion. The sonic imprints of his Equiknoxx work is evident but the aim is squarely for the jugular here. In contrast to Low Jack's fast-paced transitions, Time Cow rides the sub riddims out longer, developing and flipping up the topsides in total left turns without ever letting up the energy.

There's a more distorted edge to the sound design here, softened a little by dub sirens and chants of an MC. The dancehall stylings of the opening 10 minutes give way to some completely bonkers interpretations on roots and dub riddims that break down into a cacophony of aqueous ooze before slamming furiously back into a tear-out bashment tune. We'd keep describing it but we'd honestly be here all day, such is the depth and detail of Time Cow's contribution.

As you've probably guessed, we think this tape is utterly, utterly brilliant, and we can't recommend it enough.

Big shouts to the cassette itself, a piece of artwork in its own right!

Low Jack - A Side (Clip 1)

Low Jack - A Side (Clip 2)

Time Cow - B Side (Clip 1)

Time Cow - B Side (Clip 2)