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Low Jack Vs Time Cow - Glacial Dancehall 2 Dubplate

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This is a more than a little bit special -

Feast your ears on this ultra-limited dubplate special from Time Cow & Low Jack via Bokeh Versions, featuring a couple of edits from the earlier Glacial Dancehall 2 tape that flew out of our doors at furious pace.

Low Jack's Look Out Riddim occupies the A, you'll recognize it from the B clip of the Tape. Thankfully, the scattershot feel of his side of the tape is retained even across the single-track format, though the riddim itself is intoxicatingly tuff enough that this track would stand mighty completely separate from that context. Some absolutely genius sampling and rhythm layering give the track a futuristic edge, betraying a somewhat junglist sensibility that really bleeds through in the atmospheric detailing.

Time Cow offers us Yellow and Purple Equals Yurple. A relatively conventional intro acts as a sonic fake-out, averting attention away from the hints toward the industrial-leaning murkiness that follows. As with his work in Equiknoxx, Time Cow's solo efforts find a perfect middle-ground between textural experimentation and inspired melodic focus - shown here through the genius juxtaposition of the track's most abrasive moments and it's central melody, itself a bit of an earworm.

Includes Bokeh sticker and DL code


Dubplate edition of 30.


Low Jack - Look Out Riddim

Time Cow - Yellow and Purple Equals Yurple