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Loxy, Overlook, Resound - The Lodge/Harbour

Samurai Music

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Young blood Overlook joins forces with jungle veteran Loxy for a two tracks on the ever on point Samurai Music label.

A-side ‘track ‘The Lodge’ sees the pair combine forces with Resound, a long time Loxy collaborator, for the stripped back stepper, this one is pure Samurai sound - chilling atmospheres and taught drums with a pounding kick drum in-lieu of a bassline.

The standout however is in the form of ‘Harbour’, those icy atmospheres open proceedings before a breakbeat is teased out of the fog, opening up and being chopped and edited to perfection. Panoramic sound design adds the finishing touches to this corker of a track which shifts into double ‘ard mode after the second drop - combining the best elements of early Photek and referencing the styles of Bristol’s own Ruffhouse.

Cool and deadly wares for discerning D&B heads.


The Lodge