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LQ & Headland - Fat Neck / Mineral Run

ZamZam Sounds

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ZamZam62! - LQ & Headland at the controls.

heavyweight dubwise styles, pressed up in limited edition on 7", in ZamZam style & fashion!

Check the words from the HQ right here:
"We are very pleased to finally unleash ZamZam 62, a power-plate from New Zealanders LQ & Headland. We’ve been running both of these tunes on acetate for some time now, and the results are consistently devastating.

Gene Warriner, better known in the sound system world as Headland, is a prolific producer of dark, multi-faceted bass music whose star has been rising via singles and EPs on Innamind, Unity Through Sound, and Well Rounded Dubs. Ben LQ AKA Low Quality is an accomplished producer and runs Echo Chamber Sound, the Dub/Steppas/Jungle vinyl label based in Melbourne Australia, dropping 10”s and 12”s since 2010.

The collaborative “Fat Neck” (a cheeky working title that we insisted on keeping) is all about space - dubbed, dusty samples flex and breathe, creating a tense, cinematic space laced with sparse, chopped reggae snares and metronomic hi hats. The lurching riddim is bonded by a web of Space Echo, spring reverb, and the saturation of LQ’s vintage soundtracs desk for a minimal yet powerfully immersive tune.

Headland’s solo “Mineral Run” is a 140 workout that manages to weld 4/4 dub techno and half-time dubstep swagger into a rare, gleaming hybrid machine that causes mayhem every time it’s dropped. “Mineral Run” was also put through LQ’s desk, unifying the sound of these two epics. The magic in both of these tunes is how deceptively simple they are, how easy LQ & Headland make it sound… but as every fan of sound system music knows, the proof is in the dance."

Limited edition, vinyl-only, no repress.
Screenprinted sleeve, designed by Polygon Press.

Fat Neck

Mineral Run