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Luca Lozano & DJ Fett Burger - Hands Of Doom 2 EP

Klasse Wrecks

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Spun out three tracker from Luca Lozano + DJ Fett Burger on Berlin label Klasse Wrecks

The second slice of a three part series called "Hands Of Doom" which, despite the ominous title, comprises three highly playable exercises in understated club bangers.

The A-Side track "Signalrod" is an amalgam of Rave/Jungle/Breakbeat and Hardcore in an undeniable floor mover. The deft arrangement here flits between euphoric chords and dazzling acid lines, to stripped back beats and 808s for a dark room full of heads.

"Telegronn" continues on a similar tip, 4/4 Kicks pitch along as another 808 b-line jerks and bounces underneath in a style reminiscent of the "Bleep and Bass" scene of the early 90s. Samples verging on the comedy snippets found in early happy hardcore are also part of the fun whilst the obstinate chant of  "Come On!" urges you to the floor.

Finally, "Dypbla" which is probably the weirdest offering, as an electric bassline winds and folds around a broken drum machine sounding like Roni Size spilt something into his Akai...

A real treat this record, a perfect way to lead from techno and house to more adventurous climes, its downplayed swagger and old school sensibilities will bring diversity to any record bag. And with characteristically collectible artwork, this will not hang around for long!

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