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Luca Lozano - Junglish Massive

Klasse Wrecks

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Chopped & Screwed Jungle & Breakbeat excursions for the Junglish Massive! -

The Klasse Wrecks bossman and jungle aficionado Luca Lozano takes a side step from his Grafiti Tapes project in order to treat us to this excellent slomo jungle tape - and the results are firing!

Side A rolls out at some true underground classics at a new tempo, effortlessly cruising from one chopped break and re-sampled EMU atmosphere to the next, giving extra importance to all the finer details and rhythmical intricacies that  signify the production of these 90's typically UK jams from the likes of DJ SS, Run  Tings, Cloud Nine, Origin Unknown (Valley Of The Shadows sounds very at home in it's new speed!) and more.
There's even a bit of Junglism from fellow vandal 'Dj Sotofett' in there for good measure.
A few extra blasts of the NJD dub siren and we've got ourselves one hell of a revisiting ride through the finest in Uk rave music, Dj Screw would be proud.

On the flip, Luca delves into the happier side of hardcore and breakbeat, with the aptly titled 'Breakbeat' mix rolling thru til the bitter end... Or you can just flip the tape and start again on that amazing A Side of course!

High grade lookin' and soundin' mixtape business, do ya'self a favour mate.

Limited to 100.
Comes with DL Code.