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Luca Lozano - Life In Black & White

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If you couldn’t get enough of his excellent tape on 100% silk that we had a few weeks ago then your prayers have been answered - we have a few more copies of ‘Life In Black & White’ straight from source.

Originally released around a year ago, this twelve tracker is a rich - full bodied number that we have gotten lost in a few too many times this week, a rich mix of analog drum and instrument samples, spoken word fragments and classic breaks combined to great effect.

‘Tombstone’ is the track that really sets the tone for the album, a mix of ‘Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt’ DJ Shadow and some finger-picked guitar that could have come from an early Sabbath record (no really).

It’s this juxtaposition of unlikely elements that makes ‘Life In Black & White’ so rewarding to listen to, it’s not clever for the sake of being clever, it’s an effortless sounding collection of beats that flow perfectly together. The fifth track, a collaboration entitled ‘Lunch With Mr Ho’ immediately calls to mind the textures of Prefuse 73 and K Kruz.

‘Need Nothing’ is great fun in the mix, compatible with club ready tracks from the likes of Scott Grooves, rolling along at about 120bpm, propelled by chunky drums straight out of an MPC - one of those tracks that you just don’t want to end, thankfully it is the longest cut on there at, an all too short, 7 minutes.

Nearing the end, ‘The Son’ pinches a choice break from The Meters ‘Handclapping Song’ and works a little vocal from the Hollies in, loose drums and properly loose percussion reference that classic funk source material as well as the more recent Clipse productions.

Truly rewarding listening, do yourself a huge favour and grab one while you can!



Lunch With Mr Ho

Need Nothing

The Son