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Luca Luzano - Isolation Distorts (100% Silk)

100% Silk

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Luca Luzano on ferric missions for 100% silk -

This one has been on rotation in the RwdFwd tape-player for some weeks now, barely leaving the tape-deck.

Kicking off with dystopian arpeggios and an electroid vocal, 'Isolation Distorts' taps, expertly into the realms of Acid, early Electro and lucid House & Techno.
From the warped basslines to the lively interplay of kick and snare, a definite pace and aesthetic glues the tempo changes to form one coherent  35min running time, Luca Luzano makes those reels exposure some truly banging cuts, that could easily shake up a club, all whilst maintaining an air of mystery, and an undercurrent of the unexpected.
It's a true pleasure letting this tape do it's thing, whilst the rhythms kick out of the speakerbox and submerge back into the depths... It's a masterfully executed 6 track piece... Ever fluid and never compromising on quality.

If you need further looks at Luca's vibe, check his 'Klasse Recordings' and 'Grafiti Tapes' labels and make sure you grab that latest Sex Tags Ufo 12" on which he collaborated with DJ Fettburger - it's all very impressive stuff.

Served via the solid 100% silk imprint in limited edition, this tape looks good, and even more importantly - it sounds f*cking good.

Limited to 100.
Hand-stamped and numbered J-Cards.
Printed cassette labels.

1:Assertiveness Test
2:Immer Mittwoch
3: Extra Telest
4: Act Shade
5: Lifting Forward
6: The Fox

Assertiveness Test

Immer Mittwoch

Extra Telest

The Fox