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Lupo - Collected & Remembered

Limbo Tapes

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Limbo Tapes continue to champion the sounds and unsung heroes that lurk between the cracks Bristol's underground, and with our second release, we eagerly present one such secret of our city’s back garden, Lupo and his “Collected & Remembered” works.

Moments of nostalgic ambient beauty, deranged percussive programming and hot-wired live drums, swirl around an orchestra of distortion and mantra like vocal loops that make up the hour or so of playing time.

This album was compiled from almost 20 years worth of studio experiments created in between Lupo's busy career as a gigging drummer, a session musician for Bibio (Warp) and Dubkasm (Peng Sound), composer for animation & TV, music therapist and musician working in theatres across the UK.

By 2016 Lupo had amassed hundreds of pieces of unreleased music. After playing several improvised shows at Bristol experimental music night Ghosted, he handed over a huge folder of work to artists linked to the night, who would go on to form Limbo Tapes in early 2017.
During that summer, a long selection process began at Limbo HQ between the label and Lupo, eventually settling on 18 tracks that would become ‘Collected and Remembered’.

Saturated electronica and dystopian hip-hop seamlessly combine with hauntology influenced music boxes and intimate found sounds, cassette warbled drones and Lupo’s endearing sense of humour to create an arresting meditative listen.

From the rich, analogue meditations of “angle Twitch” and “Thank you trees” to the drum-centred “Sylent” and “Piano mess” with the enchanted mechanics of “Work” and “Gilt”, this album spans a whole array of mind-states.

True to our position in limbo, Lupo's "Collected & Remembered" is caught somewhere between sincerely haunting daydreams, and boisterous playtime.

18 track cassette album, comes with download code.

Thank You Trees



Pianet Storm