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Lurka - Beater/Density


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Lurka beats up the heater, squeezes off and jets with two absolute belters for Timedance.

Up top is the killer beatdown jam of ‘Beater’, coming in like the product of a jam session between Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MCs fame and Powell - the results are superb - the slower tempo adding even more weight to each kick drum that comes at you in slow motion, with the weight of an anvil. That unmistakable Lurka attention to detail and production value ensure that this one reveals hidden gems with each visit and is also capable of tearing the ar$e out of the speaker box if you give it the chance. One of a kind gear this is.

’Density’ on the flip is a contrasting cut, a cosmic techno track built to carry a euphoric lead line that’ll laser etch itself into your memory, a spacious mix lets all the choice elements breathe and work in harmony to work the body and mind - quite possibly our favourite Lurka production to date, and that’s saying something.

Housed in a sticker sleeve with artwork by Larry McCarthy, cut by Beau.