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Lurka - Full Clip / BR Greaze *Repress*

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A bit of an emotional moment for us, this much needed repress of one of our very favourite slabs of vinyl that have passed through these doors over the years.

Exploring the very outer limits of dancehall and techy D&B, both sides writhe and snarl at 90bpm, beating you over the head with pressure cooked kick drums, drop forged snares and, those ugly, ugly mentasms.

Upon it’s original release, it was a challenging and very rewarding record - one that had DJs scratching their heads, dancers demanding wheelups and, more recently - more than a few emails from people asking if there were any copies left stashed away.

Both side’s disregard for genres and conventions mean this plate sounds just as fresh now as it did upon it’s original release date - arguably it’s better stationed for tactical deployment now than it was back in 2013 - The current crop of stripped back dancehall (and halftime D&B that has been undoubtedly informed by it) are in rude health and prime for disruption with this record. That said, regardless of which styles you play - this is one of those wildcard riddims that can be used at peak time to wreak havoc on any dancefloor.

Blacklabel, sticker sealed pressure, with a yellow paper insert of the original artwork.

One of those records you’ll pull off the shelf in years to come, no doubt about it.

Full Clip

BR Greaze