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Lurka - Heat Mover / Battery


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Lurka coming through with the long-awaited...

Quite definitely his most dangerous record yet (that is a tough question to answer though!) -

The 15th record on Timedance, and a great way to cement the status of the label that puts out consistent quality from Bristol and beyond, Lurka delivers two A sides that mangle heads and twist waists in a way that is scientifically proven to be un-testable by soundboys.

Heat Mover is the perfect combination of low-slung percussive elements, big sub bass, pressurized high frequencies, electroid synthesis and a deadly, deadly, deadly, deadly, deadly twisted reese that feels at once classic and totally fresh.
People will try to copy this one... We wish them good luck.

Flip it (after a few rewinds, no doubt) and you can get your waistline reconfigured with some hard-stepping, bristolian electro / house hybrids in Lurka style and fashion... Pure treats for the ears, no sound ever stays the same, and a deadly weapon for the dancefloor.
This is a club tune no doubt, but it's such a detailed production that you can easily enjoy this again and again on the home hi fi.

These have been put to good use by a heap of tastemaking DJ's in Timedance circles and beyond... And you can be sure this is not the last time you heard these belters.

... Make sure the fire exits are safely marked when dropping this one in the dance.

Heat Mover