• Lurka - Molten Drum EP
  • Lurka - Molten Drum EP

Lurka - Molten Drum EP


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Mucky one from the boss!

Lurks rounds up 4 slabs of motorik funk like only he can - a fcuking deadly piece of vinyl this - Snap it up while you have the chance...

Really and truly, his own track descriptions are bang on so check them below should you need any further persuasion...

Wire - Halfstep PS1 B-Boy Glitchd DNB

Molten Drum - Death Drum Electroacoustic Metal

Machine - Fried UK Pressure Tek Gqomcore Tool

Zone - Speed² Ongie Techno Bass


Served in a full on printed sleeve and mastered by Lewis at Stardelta - you know this sounds phat.



Molten Drum


Zone (Packet)