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Lurka - Powers

Make Your Own Meaning

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The Powers EP is fresh up on Lurka's 'Make Your Own Meaning' imprint, pressing up four tripped out club thumpers on a 'Dubbt Tek House B-Line Music' tip -

Up first, the title track lets a wickedly moody bassline circulate around rolling percs and near-subliminal washes of white noise and hi tek echo chamber sonix. Fully hypnotic, focused and full to the brim with restrained, deadly funk.
Re-Speak, the following cut, rolls into compressed percussive heat and brain tingling vocal twist ups in a Villalobos style and fashion.

On the flipside, String raises the energy into a 4 x 4, chugging minimalist grime type roller - heads down gunfinger vibes, this one. Especially with those mad overblown bass implosions and splashy rhythmic effects adding wicked dynamics to a solid groove.
Then, Lurka consults his Crystals and whips up some Mystic funk for the final track, taking in brainwarped alien UKG styles and warped percussive sound design for a 'Zonked DJ Tool', as he puts it.

Typically heavyweight, and full of mad production details, yet extra funky and tripped out rollers from Lurka. Buy on sight if you know what's good 4 ya.

Mastered at D&M By Anne Taegert.
Artwork by Amos Childs.


Re Speak


Mystik Crystal