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Lurka settin' the levels! -

Always a pleasure to hear new gear from Lurka, and this time we get to hear him stretch out his singular sonics across a four track 12" for the first time.

Back on Batu's Timedance imprint, Bristol's very-own Lurka shows off a heap of new twists & turns in his productions, rhythmically and technically - as the EP title might suggest!

From 'Point Noise Behaviours' - the brilliantly deft, brooding cut that kicks things off on this record - through to the heat-movin', mood-shifting 'Ssppeedd', which has all the tension and hi-tek ambience you could wish for at loud volume - with it's tripped out steppers inna drexciyan year 3000 mutation, this one is probably being our favourite cut on this whole record - great to hear L. at this extra-fuelled pace, and the flips from 4 x 4 to stutter rhythms and other counter grooves is executed so stylishly here.

We've only talked about the A side so far, and already it is a hundred times more unique, forward thinking and rich in detail than most dance music you hear coming out these days.

Flip the disc and two more versatile, and equally dangerous cuts await -
Minds Eye Tript sets undulating, looping arpeggios against a low-slung dembow groove around the 105ishbpm mark, culminating in perfectly lean and hypnotic tune that will make you move shoulders, waist and legs in mirror mode.
Last, but not least on this disc, is the final title track Rhythm Hi Tek, which sets fierce bass drones and bruk rhythms against an array of hi-freqency currents & blips that will trigger your most paranoid senses, proper neurological steppers for the cyborg generation.

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Point Noise Behaviours


Minds Eye Tript

Rhythm Hi-Tek