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Lurka - Ritual Dingers / Choke

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Almost 3 years since releasing the formidable BR Greaze /  Full Clip single, Lurka returns to Hotline for a quickfire 12”, ending the year in fine style and marking the label’s 10th release.

New Lurka material is always a treat and these two cuts are no exception. The A-side, ‘Ritual Dingers’ has been causing quite a stir on in-the-know dance floors for a few months now. His ear for melody has been developing over the last couple of singles for Black Acre and the Carpenter-esque arpeggios have now developed into full-on phrases.

Already highly regarded as an engineer and producer, Lurka’s drums are always on point and work magic on a big system. Ritual Dingers rolls a deceptively complex pattern of brittle snares, ghost hits and bruising kicks underneath a woozy, space-tripping melody - a captivating juxtaposition of enchanting keys and tempered percussion, at points falling away to pure, undulating drum workouts that defy any easy classification, sitting just as comfortably alongside some of the scuffed techno coming from The Corner or L.I.E.S. camps as it does alongside the warped house-leaning material from Dexter or Roman Flügel.

The flip, ‘Choke’, has been in the safe hands of a few choice selectors for the last year or so and is finally pressed up and ready to go  - if you’ve caught Ishan Sound play over the last 12 months you’ve probably heard this one get a pull up already… A totally uncompromising beast of a track that clouts listeners over the head with its drop-forged drums and refuses to let up the pace with rigid double time hats. Utterly dangerous in the wrong hands.