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Lurka - Stay Let's Together

Wisdom Teeth

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Man like Lurka ringing off three prime cuts for Wisdom Teeth - We may be ever so slightly biased but this record has been getting an almost unhealthy amount of play around here...

There's a bag of people trying to imitate but not many even get close - Lurka once again showing his talent for ridiculously infectious grooves, hard hitting production values and musically mad melodies.

Up top, the title track contrasts choral pads against sub knocking kick drums to create this slab of slow motion funk. Frankly we're not sure what to call it, other than fc*king excellent of course.

Flip it for the skewed electro snap of 'Plenty', bending metallic leads around taught snare rolls and a maze of crafty edits to deadly effect, one of those cuts that you'll keep in the bag long after you know you should take it out because it's so much fun in the mix.

Last and certainly not least is 'Bodied' - CPU heavy dubwise styles for the intel generation are the order of the day here, infinitely danceable whilst being laced with enough detail to warrant a research paper, oh, and quite possibly the finest edit to ever be committed to vinyl, don't say we didn't warn ya!

As is always the way with the best records, this one defies easy classification and inevitably get's stuck in your head for days, an inimitable producer who consistently impresses with each record, this one is absolutely no exception.

Stay Let's Together