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Lurka - Stush / Wrapped Up

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Special RwdFwd Edition of 70. Ships with Poster.

The 15th disc on Hotline is here, and it's the third killer plate with Bristol bassbin damager Lurka at the controls.
With an ever-fluid production style, it's always totally refreshing to hear new output from the man himself, who has shown true versatility throughout his releases, and a dedication to soundsystem sonics that simply isn't matched. If you've played on of his records in the dance, then you know the kind of frequency we are talking about here.

This latest run features the infectious UK Funky / Grime / Techno bounce of 'Stush' on the A side, a track which has been bumping in clubs for some time now, with a good bit of dubplate status under it's belt already. A brainsy dancefloor cut that defies any attempt at chin scratching by bussin' off heaps of danceable energy at every one if it's beats.
Flip the disc - it's ok the centre label sticker has already been pierced and that sticky gold stuff has probably already marked your turntable by now - and you will find the hydraulic, mechanised science of 'Wrapped Up' which unfolds layers and layers of bassline over a continous, shuffling grind of propulsive rhythm.

Lurka is dropping pure heat for this, and we couldn't be happier to see him grace the 15th record on Hotline.
Body music with enough sweat inducing rhythm and twissin' bassline to make the whole crew shock out.

This special edition comes with an A2, lithographically printed poster.
Edition of 70.
Printed reverse board sleeve.
Stickered sleeve, stickered centre label.
Designed by Studio Tape-Echo.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.


Lurka - Stush

Lurka - Wrapped Up