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Lutan Fyah / Jah Batta / Bullwackie - 225th St. Dubwise Style


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As much as we love, and can't get enough of  old-time studio cuts from New York's Wackies studio, it's really refreshing to hear a contemporary production from the man Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes himself, alongside one of the best vocalists in modern reggae 'Lutan Fyah'... and as if that wasn't enough, add to the mix one of our favourite deejay's from back in the day 'Jah Batta' as well as not one, but two superb dub mixes on the flip, mixed by Bullwackie at the White Plains Studio in NY.

It's heavyweight roots music from the masters...As we know it from the early days, but touched up to fit a modern day roots reggae sound that's been thankfully emerging from JA again.

Top disc.

Lutan Fyah - Dem No Like Mi Address

Jah Batta - Who Is The Almighty

Bullwackie - 225th St. Dubwise Style part 1

Bullwackie - 225th St. Dubwise Style part 1