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Lutto Lento - I Remember I Was Dreaming


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last copy of this loooose gem from way back when!

First release on Charles Drakeford's new label From The Depths -  Esoteric five track EP from Lutto Lento

Crushed house -  80's New Wave - Smeared audio collages - Woozy Enya samples - Ainsley Harriot!? This EP has it all!

Whilst only being five tracks long the complex range of styles and emotions on display make this feel like a mini-album of sorts. Lutto Lento has managed to create his own world, ranging from playful "Gipsi Sam', reflective and melancholic "Sirena", delirious "I remember I was dreaming" to the urgency and hopelessness felt on "The Boat Can Leave Now", all whilst keeping the tongue firmly in the cheek.

The production style of this EP sits somewhere between the hazy abstractions of Hype Williams and the distorted club sonics of a Trilogy Tapes record, but with a better sense of humour!


I Remember I Was Dreaming

Gipsi Sam


The Boat Can Leave Now