• Luv Jam vs SRF Inc - Wales Vs Germany: 2-2

Luv Jam vs SRF Inc - Wales Vs Germany: 2-2

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The 19th release on We Play House Recordings (not counting the vinyl-only coloured ones) comes from two trusted label names: WPH's Welsh man with various plans Luv Jam and SRF Inc, a moniker for German Wunderkind Dynamodyse...

From the shifting, sleepy pads and rhodes of  'We Play Mouse' to those deliciously filtered dub chords and delayed claps of 'We Play Ooidonk' Luv Jam comes in with a confidently minimal approach to great effect, aiming for the floor but not lacking depth at all.
The second half sees SRF Inc kick off with an edgy and upfront style of play.
Determined and short-tempered Hi-hats and Claps work their way around a pitch-bending vocal sample and square wave bassline, 90's style.
With 'Honigtränen' we enter extra-time, deep and subdued bassdrums hold up the pace whilst a detuned synthline keeps things cool and calm, ending the disc in style.
Proper House tunes for the club, or equally whilst lounging on a Sunday afternoon soaking up the vibes -

Luv Jam - We Play Mouse

Luv Jam - We Play Ooidonk

SRF Inc - How To Eat Music

SRF Inc - Honigtränen