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LV & Josh Idehen - Islands


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‘Even the air has an angry hiss’,

Second album of brilliant beats and lyrics from LV and Josh Idehen, it’s been a couple of years since ‘Routes’ blew our minds and it’s been worth waiting for, 15 cuts split across 2 plates. Outsider grime interpretations laced with spoken word bars from Idehen.

‘Down the twisting curves and lanes, past the pit bulls and great danes, it’s a thin line between infamy and great shame…’

Islands is a very self contained and well balanced album, a proper journey, heavy with melancholy and hope. Josh Idehen’s lyrics are easy to relate to and all the better for it, there is no loud bragging talk here, more a series of everyday observations rolling along on the outstanding beats provided by LV. Keysound prides itself on representing the LDN underground as it’s well curated catalogue shows. Islands, however may be the most LDN of them all, a vibrant mix of flavours all rooted in the UK underground, traces of grime, funky and jungle are all here, making for rewarding revisits - stick the kettle on.


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