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M. Quake - Fall In Love With Yourself

Purely Physical

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A late valentine's card (in dub) for broken hearts & fulfilled lovers alike -

We loved that Laila Sakini tape the PP crew sent our way some months ago, so it was a nice surprise to hear from them again -
and this 7" here features the sounds of one our favourite musicians, ex Berlin resident, now back in OZ, but still shifting shapes and making harmonies out of unlikely sounds, as he does best - this time alongside Poet Martina Quake of Canvey Island, UK.

This 7" is a real treasure if you ask us.
Like all great music should, it takes you to places. The place it took us to, is a strangely lit spacious, angular room that changes it's architecture with each turn of the head, ghosts appearing between doorways, just peering over - no harm done, but we're aware of their presence, a fragile presence that can be endless, vast & beautiful, but also poisonous if not treated with care and a sense for the space around us... sounds like the thing we call love.
Through Eartha Kitt's vocal snips, depicting her highly convincing feminist approach to love & life, taken from a time when people were often even more small-minded than now, we are led into various worlds of sound, that shimmer and shine in various degrees, drifting up the air before being pulled back down by the anchor of that thudding, basic-channel-esque kick drum, only to unveil new sonic views once again.
A real trip through dreamy, alternative realities, almost like a subconscious, alternative view at human interactions on this planet. And when you reach the dub, it's bed time. Time to just lie down with these pure thoughts, and let the oozing of space wash over you.

Now hear what Purely Physical want you to know about this record:
"Following Locks On Our Doors, Not On Our Hearts, a long form confessional for Blackest Ever Black, M. Quake returns to redirect relationship lament into alternate, shifting worlds for 'Fall in Love With Yourself' via Purely Physical.

Intentionally released on Valentines Day, we are treated first to an off the cuff philosophy on “how to love”. Side A uses a sample from an interview with Eartha Kitt, her voice sitting atop Quake’s stripped back, sticks ‘n’ stones production style which utilises background noise elements in the interview - birds chirping, dogs barking - with Eartha’s powerful attitude emphasised by an almost gospel-like dubbed out organ.

Side B, in classic instrumental dub style, acts almost as a demonstration or exhibition of this new found self love, giving us the fully fleshed out version that unveils all the sounds present in the A side and plays to all of the producer's strengths. What’s left of the vocal is echoed to smithereens, the sub bass line and resonant chords all harmoniously combining to create a surreal, Disneyland-like utopian setting.

Seriously great disc - this is as wholesome as it gets!

M. Quake
'Fall In Love With Yourself'
Vocal/dub double A side 7".
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.

M. Quake - Fall In Love With Yourself (Vocal)

M. Quake - Fall In Love With Yourself (Dub)