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Mabrak - Drum Talk

Dug Out

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Killer percussive dub from the vaults - back in stock!

Dug Out have struck gold once again, this time along reissuing a truly great LP from Leroy 'Mabrak' Mattis, who would learn his trade, for the first 20 years or so, on a butter pan (a big plastic bottle that butter would come in) and then in School was given a waste-paper container to perform with at School plays.
From winning awards at the National Junior Drumming competition on 1969, to finally getting his hands on the 'Talking Drum' at University, which is a drum that is recognised as one of the most masterful... A Drum that was used in West Africa to send messages from hilltop to hilltop.

Being a Kingston resident, music was never far away, indeed Tommy McCook happened to be his neighbour, Bim Sherman was a schoolfriend, and it wasn't too long before he ended up at King Tubby's, recording at Harry J's, and getting further recognition for his exceptional skills.
He impressed King Tubby with his unique interpretation of Harry J's 'Liquid Talk' version of Liquidator, by adding his Talking Drum sound from start to finish... Liquid Talk was born.

Around that time, Harry J's asked Leroy and his brother Bush Mabrak to compile the Drum Talk LP -
mixed by King Tubby and initially released on 'Jigsaw' around 1976, served only in a paper sleeve around, to which Dug Out have paid homage in usual representative style and fashion, with the lovely-looking new sleeve art that this edition comes housed in.

Also features a little History from Leroy 'Mabrak' Mattis along with a nice picture on the insert.

1: Locks Talk
2: Ital Talk
3: Liquid Talk
4: Macka Talk
5: Serenade Talk
Side 2:
1: Fat Talk
2: Drum Talk
3: Roots Talk
4: Late-Late Talk
5: The Reverend Talking

Locks Talk / Ital Talk

Liquid Talk / Macka Talk

Fat Talk / Drum Talk

The Reverend Talking