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Mabrak - Drum Talk / Forever Drums

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Talking Drum dub excursions on the Liquid Talk rhythm, backed with an extra topping of rhythm on the flip -

Leroy Mattis aka Mabrak / Genesis has recently seen a fresh bit of attention for his excellent 'Drum Talk' LP that came out on Jigsaw back in 1976, and it's recent reisse via Dug Out.

His mastery of percussion, especially the african 'Talking Drum' had earned him serious kudos ever since he was a youth in school, later landing him at King Tubby's studio, versioning Harry J's famous 'Liquidator' with 'Liquid Talk' and filling the vocal void with the aptly named 'Drum Talk' which communicates purely with the rhythm of his drumming.

One of the stand-out tracks from the LP, this 7" disc, also reissued via Dug out, presents this Drum Talk excursion in full effect -

The end result is a beautiful percussive dubwise extravaganza, split into 'Drum Talk' and 'Forever Drums'.

Drum Talk

Forever Drums