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Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy 3: The African Connection


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Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy 3: The African Connection!

Another crucial instalment in the series of dub LP's from 1981 onwards, straight from Ariwa studios, the avant-garde of dubbing at the time - all to be heard in the unique and forward thinking mix style of the Mad Professor - full of rootical life energy, a general curiosity for sound and the limits to which it can be pushed, with the mixing desk as the central tool....
Well, let's not forget that the stems need to be of a certain standard for a dub to sound good - but there is no worry here, each of the instrumentals are heavyweight champion style rhythm tracks - people like Tony Benjamin on guitar and percussion, Garnett Cross on Bass and drums etc etc - this is dub at it's finest.

Kicking off with the perfect intro on African Connection (in fact, all intros on this LP are TOP!) and into the militant drum charge and steel pan strangeness with Channa Four... Onto the killer 'Bengali Skank', oddball magic such as 'Ariwa: Bush Communication' and the rest of the wild ride of mad d-u-b with the Professor throughout this fine LP - this one is really quite full of gems.

This is very, very good stuff, a very wholesome listen packed with big tunes and inventive dub technique -
and back in press once more thankfully - don't sleep.

The African Connection
Channa Four
Natural Vegetation
Jordan River
Bengali Skank
War Cry
Rebel Rock
Ariwa / Bush Communication
The Drum Shot
Depth Charge
Lion Dance

The African Connection

Bengali Skank

Ariwa: Bush Communication

The Drum Shot