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Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy 4 - Escape To The Asylum Of Dub


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Dddddubbb Me Crazy! Part 4! Escape To The Asylum Of Dub....

Another great instalment in the classic Dub Me Crazy series, this one is the fourth chapter, and orginally came out on Mad Professor's Ariwa label in 1983.
Continuing the quest to version excursion into new realms of mad-dub technique, making the most of new technologies and inventive combinations of fader and aux sliding combinations, the Mad Professor lays down 12 wicked & wild dubs for this LP, full of all the mixing desk action, weird effects, tape-reel-reloads, heavy basslines, surprise elements and the quality musicianship you'd come to expect from the Ariwa house in London, Peckham around this time. The Escape To The Asylum Of Dub does it's name good justice and comes loaded with big tunes and headspin dub technique from one of the masters.

Sgt Pepper on keys, Errol Reid on Synths, Preacher on drums, and vocal appearances (in slide-in-slide out dub style of course) from Derrick Cross, Sandra Cross, Ranking Ann, Sister Audrey and Shani Benjamin, and of course served in another mad-good sleeve from Tony McDermott - special shouts for putting Margaret Thatcher in the straight jacket!

A1 Rasta Chase
A2 White House Race
A3 German Magic
A4 Moses Law
A5 DJ Choice
A6 Kingston Flight 303
B1 Asylum Of Dub
B2 Foot Control Mix
B3 Wassifa
B4 Nyashanti
B5 Voice From The Wilderness
B6 Java Gone Crazy!


D.J. Choice

Kingston Flight

Asylum Of Dub