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Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy 9 - Science & Witchdoctor


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Another mad, mad good set of version-insanity from the Professor -

Dub Me Crazy 9!

This one, the 9th in the legendary Dub Me Crazy series, originally came out in 1989, almost a decade on from the first Dub Me Crazy LP -
Kicking off with the killer Anansi Skank, you can already hear good use of a sampler, which had become affordable around the later 80's and brought to a broader audience of those who couldn't get their hands on a $30.000 Fairlight, or a just under $10.000 E-MU emulator -
Of course the Mad Proffessor wasn't going to shy away from giving these new affordable samplers a go, and it comes to good effect on Anansi Skank, with that playful attitude of early sampling, over a tough rhythm.
Note how the drums on this version of Dub Me Crazy, contrary to the early 80's LPs, also features digital drums, in the fashion of the later 80's uk roots tunes, and the steppers sound that was about to blow around this time (Disciples, Conscious Sounds, Dred & Fred, Blakamix, Shaka...)

Natural Skank is a big tune too, and that's just the 2nd cut on this disc - next up we got the plane-take-off-sci-fi phaser/flanger dancehall cut Blue Ball Fire, which takes in the Digital Dancehall explosion that had fired over from JA in the mid 80's via Prince Jammy and gives it that later 80's / early 90's dembow type bounce which dancehall heads will know about, and appreciate.

We won't go on talking you through each track, but we will say that this is a big contendor for being one of the best Dub Me Crazy LPs actually - the dub techniques are mad as ever, the addition of samplers, drum machines and synths that were getting so popular and inspired so many around the time is a real life-giver to this particular Dub Me Crazy LP -

This is big stuff, don't sleep!

Artwork by Tony McDermott.

1. Anansi Skank 03:51
2. Natural Fact 04:30
3. Blue Ball Fire 04:21
4. Jumbie Umbrella 03:21
5. Cry Of The Old Higue 03:32
6. Bacoo In The Bottle 05:37
7. The Coming Of The Obeh Man 03:38
8. Bohra Seed 03:26
9. Witches' Brew 03:40
10. Holokoko Dub 03:28
11. Mistaken Identity 02:56
12. H2so4 06:12

Anansi Skank

Natural Fact

Blue Ball Fire

Witches' Brew