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Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy - Beyond The Realms Of Dub - The 2nd Chapter


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Beyond The Realms of Dub! Dub Me Crazy! Part two-o-o-o-o!

It's a real joy to see that these legendary Dub Me Crazy LP's are being pressed up again via the house of Ariwa, with the boss Mad Proff making all the right choices (not just behind the faders!).
Dub Me Crazy pt. 1 was in stock here - and hopefully will be soon again, once we get our hands on it once more - and we got a few more of these crucial LP's here too, for those who need to fill up the gaps in the collection. But right now, we're here to talk about this 2nd chapter...

Some say that these Dub Me Crazy LPs get better with each successive release (in the contrary to most movies - well apart from Terminator and Mad Max maybe..) - so please don't think you'll be let off the hook for just having part 1 - after all, Mad Professors angle that set him apart from many of the big dub engineers at the time, was that he was always keen to explore the limits of current technology, embracing the advances of early digital effects and mixing boards in the 80's, and putting them to the test - so it goes without saying, that we'll hear new tricks in the mix as the years pass by - this one here was released a year after part 1, in 1982 - an exciting time, when the roots of dub sprawled out into newer steppers territory and even a more one-drop dancehall type configuration. And of course Mad Professor is known for his open ears towards all sorts of styles, which led him to work with the likes of The Slits, Massive Attack and many more in later years, and which shows in his musical discography, which - as the best of reggae music always did - embraces worldwide sounds and styles of music and makes it 'it's own'.

This is why these LPs are such a joy to listen to, even some 30 years on - the excitement of this kind of 'limit pushing / widespanning' dubbing technique - from mad stereo delays, ring-modulated drums, phased out surrealist reverbs and extreme use of space in the mix, to cross-referencing musical approaches - These records are a real trip, and whilst showing clearly 'where they come from' (Jamaica!) - there is a unique crossroad and linkup that is fast-forwarded by the technology, and the inventiveness of the engineer.

Big tunes & excellent oddities feature on here, such as the all time classic Ariwa cut of the Revolutionaries Kunta Kinte, the heavy dub of 'Roots Land', 'Africa 1983 Dub' and the John Carpenter-esque 'Ghetto Place' - to name just a small selection!

Killer artwork too!

1. Kunte Kinte - The African Warrior 06:04
2. Roots Land 03:14
3. River Niger 02:14
4. Africa 1983 Dub 03:16
5. The English Connection 05:04
6. Beyond The Realms Of Dub 07:13
7. Elastic Plastic 03:17
8. Ghetto Place 04:40
9. Get Drunk And Celebrate 04:39

Kunta Kinte - The African Warrior

Roots Land

Ghetto Place

Beyond The Realms Of Dub