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Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy Pt. 1


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Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy.

his first long player on Ariwa, making history in 1982!

The original Mad Professor / Ariwa bossman on the mixing board with his signature mad style - The famous Reel-to-Reel false starts and rewinds... Big pitch shift, mad delays // flanger / phaser early digital delay styles and crazy panning (sometimes all at once) flinging out of the speakers via his quick fader action on the mixing desk... Over some of the toughest and best reggae rhythms. This one features top Jamaican musicians such as Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace, Tony Benjaminn, Errol The General, and vocalists such as Ranking Ann and Errol Sly, and it was recorded in London at Ariwa Studios in Peckham and Thornton, in the early days of the Ariwa legacy.

No one does it quite like Mad Professor. He's earned his name, no doubt, and his dubs are a joy to listen to. Full of life, full of vibes - every time.

If you don't have this one yet... Well, we'd say this one is a must - wether you're a seasoned dub aficionado, or just someone who likes to explore new sonic territories when they hear music.

Top sleeve art too - Tony McDermott on the design.

Side One:
1. Your Rights / My Rights
2. Freedom Chant
3. Ankoko
4. Dub Power
5. Zion

Side Two:
6. Tumble Down
7. Bucket Brigade
8. Psychologically Yours
9. South African Crossfire
10. Sweet Sweet Victory

Your Rights: My Rights

Freedom Chant


Psychologically Youth