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Madteo feat. Sensational - SPECIAL OFFER


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Long-awaited full-length offering from Madteo on Wania, alongside the one and only Sensational on  mic -

Madteo travels through hip-hop, disco, house, New York City, psychedelia, sound exploration & exploitation – an exceptional contemporary and his symbiotic collaboration with Sensational has resulted in a milestone album – SPECIAL OFFER.
DJ Sotofett compiled and edited material from 2005-2011, all from the outgoing-but-idiosyncratic world in Jackson Hts (Queens NYC) – a world blissed by Sensational's chronic heavy weight rap & Madteo's psyched out disco, free-jazzed sonic stompers, smirky hip-hop bangers & out-of-the-ordinary leftfield.

A sparse edition of quality white labels of this LP has circulated since 2013 – with cut-up introductories by DJ Sotofett, additional guitar by Tapes, emminent vocals by Sensational and high-level sonic attitude by Madteo this history has already been written – it’s just up to you to listen.


Nicely striking cover art too, with oversized price sticker stuck on for good measure (don't give us no bullshit about false price advertising though!)

Side A:
1."$ 0.99 Intro" (0:38)
2. "Anastrophy" (4:42)
3. "Blast It Off" (0:30)
4. "Moretones" (mix) (5:41)
5. "Party People Love Me" (2:13)
Side 2:
1. "Be-Sides $ 0.99" (0:58)
2. "48HRS Bliss (I Got Groove)" (3:09)
3. "Safety Trance" (edit) (1:28)
4. "La Giungla" (4:48)
5. "Registrated" (interlude) (0:42)
6. "Party People Love Me" (instrumental) (2:11)

$ 0.99 Intro


48HRS Bliss (I Got Groove)

Be-Sides $ 0.99