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Madteo - Head Gone Wrong By Noise

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I might have had a lot of coffee, but this record is doing things to my brain and my feet, kinda pulling me in two directions, and I like it.

Take a sip of this well-aged, yet future proof (in short: timeless) frequency drink and inhale the thick fumes that exhume when this record plays. You'll like the effects, and the repercussions are pretty damn nice too.

Madteo on HJ, full of vertigo inducing dub sludge and lashings of bruk disco funk. Come on, don't be daft - it makes sense.

soundbwoy killing mix, master, artwork and pressing - real deal style.

Disc 1
A1 Since Man Crawled Out Of The Slime
A2 Big Stack Attack
A3 Know Fun
B1 Deserts Of Social Isolation
B2 Freeze The Cheese

Disc 2
C1 They Rolled Over For Him And He Rolled Over Them
C2 Character Assassinations Repairs
D1 People Impersonating Persons
D2 Not This, Not That

Since Man Crawled Out Of The Slime

Know Fun

Freeze The Cheese

Character Assassinations Repairs