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The second imprint on Madteo's self-titled label is a bit of a split personality - on the one hand is the kind of left-of-field techno that is favoured and championed by the Hessle Audio crew, and the other a pair of tracks that draw on drone, ambient and musique concrete, creating something of an unhinged (but absolutely excellent) package.

Both tracks come in two versions; the A side featuring a Stomp and Club mix of the esoterically titled scientrysts + errorist. This side is where you'll find the club trax, and for the club they are - the Stomp mix bridges the techno-house gap with a deftness that is incredibly rare and totally invaluable as a result of that. This serves as both a tool and a show-stopper all at once, and DJs will find it a regular go-to because of that versatility. The Club mix is its more deranged cousin; detuned synths ride a crunched-up MPC rhythm section in the first half before bursting into a more up-beat, harmonic second half. All the while, ostentatious feedback drones disturb the relative conventionality of the musical elements, an ingenious touch that adds the perfect dose of originality and surprise to the track.

The flipside completely abandons club sensibilities. u$b schtick + turnt burial (Psy Mix) is defined by it's artificial-feeling dynamic shifts - dramatic volume drops and surges combined with the piercing layers of feedback make for an experience that is both disorienting and strangely addictive. u$b schtick + turnt burial (Original Version) has a semblence of a 4/4 beat, but it's completely removed from functionality; a roots-style bassline
drowned in analogue warmth is the only real yardstick here - other elements appear for a flash to interrupt the uncomfortable inertia of the rest of the arrangement for precisely as long as they need to, before washing away again like a hazy dream.

scientrysts + errorist (Stomp Mix)

scientrysts + errorist (club mix)

u$b schtick + turnt burial (Psy Mix)

u$b schtick + turnt burial (Original Version)