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Str8 Crooked - a.k.a. (in our house) Str8 murder - from Madteo via Honest Jons -

London institution HJ nab three xxtra, xxtra juicy cuts from NYC don Madteo, with Str8 Crooked.
On some proper left-leg-lean / heads down type style, raw but not really in a stripped back way, more in terms of inspired musical imminency and honesty, with this record Madteo lays down the unspoken rules for perfectly chuggin', swung, highly loose percussive jams that defy easy categorisation whilst swerving the worlds of house, disco, hip hop and a kind of brukkup dubwise approach.
From the stompin' darbuka swag and its turbulent, frequency modulated vocal sample work on the A side, we're already in for some real heavy treats with the first two cuts on this disc. The kind of stuff you could imagine a headsy dancefloor getting real sweaty too, but equally fitting for a late night zone out on the home hi fi.
Then, on the sprawling B side, we land in a stretched out, constantly moving jam through Madteo's very own world of wheezy melody and loose, uplifting groove.
This one shifts through its infectious moods over the course of a good 10-20mins or so Well, we didn't check the time (too busy enjoying!), but it felt like a real trip, more like a stream of consciousness that drifts off into new worlds, rather than coming back round to where it began - perfectly dope, with an uplifting high and a bit of couch-lock for extra measure.

This is a fvckin excellent disc, please understand that.

Served in wicked-as-always artwork from Will Bankhead, and pressed up good & proper on a nice 12", as intended.

Str8 Crooked

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