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Magamura - Supernaturals 2LP

Kebko Music

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Deluxe gatefold vinyl edition of this killer Japanese experimentalism >>

Some of you may remember that cassette we had up on here a month or two ago?
Well, here's the vinyl edition, giving this the full spread it deserves, pressed up to a very high standard in a really, really good looking gatefold sleeve.

Utterly transfixing album from the mysterious Magamura outfit, released via Japan's Kebko Music imprint -

Akiko Kiyama’s Kebko Music delivers it's third instalment with the debut and one-time-only album by Magamura, an experimental project founded by guitarist Eril Fjord and Not So Secret label boss Laurine Frost.
Focused on their improvisational approach, the Hungarian duo have released no music to date, instead making appearances at renowned festivals and venues like Arma in Moscow and establishing their name with the combination of the former’s indie aesthetic and the electronic music prowess the latter has proved on Nervmusic. Despite their huge influence from 70-80s experimental music, Supernaturals is not so much retrospective as ominously dystopian.

Straight in with the dizzying synthesis of the opening track 'Aspen 92' - truly conjuring images of a frosty, totally neutral day up in the mountains, Magumara lay a welcoming path with their first track... But don't get too cushioned in false security, the unnerving twists and flashes of darkness soon take their turn, intertwining with the shifting harmonies, mutating rhythms and the occasional glimpse of plucked string making it's way through the heavily-cabled signal chain.

'Supernaturals' is wholly experimental and unconventional, but it retains a true tone of musicianship that glues the transmissions together, exposing a whole extra heap of harmonious layers and facets beyond the drones and repetition.
It captures and distils their well-known improvisational mutability into a testament to their promising potential.

100% worth the entry price, and more!

Limited edition 2 x 12" in full colour gatefold sleeve,
craftily designed by Damien Tran.

A1. Aspen '92 | A2. Bloody Footprints In The Air B1. Lavina | B2. Yeti
C1. One - Two Tree | C2. Youth | C3. Roon | C4. Tundra D1. S36 | D2. Enolah

Aspen '92

Bloody Footprints In The Air

One Two Tree