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Mala / Kuedo / DVA / Kode9 - Decadubs 1 EP


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Celebrating 10 years of Hyperdub! -

From Burial to Hype Williams, the influential label that exposed some of the UK's most innovative productions of recent years, and has contributed to the dance music scene with it's imports such as Rashad, Flying Lotus and Samiyam, celebrates it's 10th anniversary.

As part of a collection of samplers and a comps, this record is labelled as Hyperdub 10.1 -
The first 12" in the series.
Four fine cuts of dance music, at alternating speeds and in various guises.

From Mala, DVA, Kuedo (One half of the seminal 'Vex'd' outfit) and label bossman 'Kode9' (Remixed by Helix, making up the last and possibly finest cut of them all) this four-track 12" represents the Hyperdub sound and palette to a fine degree.

Stylishly presented, in a spot varnished gloss sleeve, printed on both in- and outside.

Mala - Expected, Level 10

DVA - Technical Difficulties

Kuedo - Mtzpn

Kode9 - Xingfu Lu, Helix Remix