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Maleem Mahmou Ghania w/ Pharao Sanders - The Trance Of Seven Colours


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Absolute stunner of a combination: Jazz royalty Pharoah Sanders and Maleehm Mahmoud Ghania, master of the Moroccan 'gnawa' trance tradition for musical healing - the outcome is pure bliss, a truly masterful record that will stay with you forever...

25 years after it's first CD release, now served on vinyl for the first time, in a lush 2LP package.

"Mahmoud learned this craft as a youth along with his brothers, walking from village to village, performing ceremonies with his father Boubker and was one of the few masters (Maleem) who continued to practice the Gnawa tradition strictly for healing (the central ritual of the Gnawa is the trance music ceremony – with the purpose of healing or purification of the participants). With 30 cassette releases of music from the Gnawa repertoire with his own ensemble and performances at every major festival in Morocco, including performing for the King in various contexts, Mahmoud Ghania was also one of Morocco's most prominent professional musicians.

In 1994, Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders went to Mocrocco, equipped with just some mobile recording devices, to record Ghania and a large ensemble of musicians (to a good part family members) in a very intimate set up at a private house with the legendary free jazz musician contributing his distinctive tenor saxophone sounds that gained him highest praise as a truly spiritual soul right from the days of playing with John Coltrane and his wife Alice on seminal solo albums like "Karma".

2 x 12", cut beautifully across two discs.

1. La Allah Dayim Moulenah 11:08
2. Bala Moussaka 03:54
3. Hamdouchi 09:05
4. Peace In Essaouira (For Sonny Sharrock) 07:21
5. Boulandi Samawi 13:53
6. Moussa Berkiyo/Koubaliy Beriah La' Foh 04:33
7. Salat Anbi 08:17
8. Casa Casa Atougra 05:04
9. Mahraba 7:46

Bala Moussaka

Peace In Essaouira (For Sonny Sharrock)

Boulandi Samawi