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Mali Blakamix - Retaliation / Dub

Blakamix International

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Dubwise, militant steppers from Mixman's son 'Mali Blakamix' 2020 style

Continuing the legacy of the Blakamix label and production studio, Mali is representing the new generation of Blakamix production, bringing his own sound & style, whilst continuing to strike that typical Blakamix balance between heavyweight pressure bassline and succinct, infectious rhythm section. Loving the way the snares, hats and kick drums respond to each other on this one, and the way those deep melodic elements play in call & response style, with that focused, tripped out dub technique on the flip letting the elements fling off into the space around the foundations of the track. Heavyweight 2k20 steppers in a meditative, zoned-in/zoned-out kind of style.