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Mall Grab - Menace II Society

Unknown To The Unknown

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Mall Grab brings the heat to DJ Haus' UTTU with 3 sample-heavy, grime-tinged floor jams.

The pitch-modulated flute sampled straight from the  Nokia brick phone & Eskibeat era of UK underground music goes hand in hand with the title - tongue-in-cheek appropriation and discombobulation of London styles in a 4/4 setting.

Early '90s flavours lick at your ear-drumz on Black Palms - a techno-electro hybrid swamped in Mall Grab's classic overdriven, lo-fi fuzziness.

Menace II Society is classic Mall Grab - harking back to earlier tracks like Glock and Valentine - hip-hop sampling, fast-paced 909 driven jams.

I've Always Liked Grime

Black Palms

Menace II Society