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Mamelon / Gulls - Koumba Frifri

Boomarm Nation

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Another heavy-hitter link up 7" from Sahel and Boomarm! -

What a nice thing, to see another one of these unusual link-up 7"s from the Portland-based Sahel Sounds and Boomarm Nation labels!

Sahel Sounds seem to have a real knack for unearthing truly inspired and unique music from the African continent.
Music that would otherwise run the risk of being overlooked in the western world, seems to find it's way into their hands and is thankfully issued on vinyl in a consistent manner.

This time along, we are graced with a hi-energy, heavyweight Malian track by 'Mamelon' who deliver a track that's bursting with rhythm and is ignited with musical fire.
No chance of standing still when this gets dropped, it's simply an unavoidably danceable track, just listen to the clips and turn it up.

And if you can't quite dig that acoustic, undiluted african rhythm on the A side, or you just simply want to hear a dubbed-out reinterpretation of the original... turn it over for an utterly stylishly executed rework by Boomarm label bossman and all-round talented producer: 'Gulls'.

Entitled 'Gulls Slowed Version', the remix works it's way around a stripped back rhythm and that all-encompassing hi-pass filtered synthline à la rufige kru.
Geared for the dancefloor and with the DJ in mind, this cut serves it's deeds and exceeds in terms of style and delivery.

Really great stuff, don't sleep.

Served in limited edition hand-stamped paper sleeve.
wrapped in a polythene outer sleeve.

Mamelon - Koumba Fri Fri

Mamelon - Koumba Fri Fri (Gulls Slowed Version)