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Man On A Water Buffalo): Essential Dao Bandon

EM Records

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12 tracks of 70's Thai groove from unsung hero Dao Bandon.

Wonderful material here from the second release in a series of reissues as Paradise Bangkok, Soi 48 and EM Records join forces to celebrate the musical legends of the Thai scene in the 1970s. 

A whole gamut of emotions is explored on this collection, from the deepest melancholy to dizzying euphoria, mellow declarations of love for his favourite illicit substances to rambunctious dance numbers! This anthology really demonstrates the depth of experience had throughout his varied life. Growing up in a desperately poor family, he toiled in the rice fields before leaving his village at twelve years old in order to become a Buddhist Monk. After returning to Secular life years later, he followed his ambition to become a singer, and we are sure glad he did!

The authenticity with which he performs is redolent; on title track "Man on a Water Buffalo" he sings "Pain, I'm in pain I love someone but she isn't interested in me, I'm poor that's why she doesn't look at me", a song borne from unrequited longing and an unfortunate situation serves to tug at the heartstrings, but never becomes depressing or morose, he is stating the facts of his life and never loses sight of the fact that this is entertainment.

Whatever the subject matter, its DAMN funky!

Comes with Psychadelic sleeve art and a 2 page lyric sheet translated into English, Japanese and Thai


Man on A Water Buffalo

Pipe, Oh Pipe

Uplifting Lam Plearn

Deceive Me